Software features

Home center is the software-interface for your home automation system. Ideal for control via touch screen, PC or mobile device.

All home automation functions of your whole house are available at a centralized location.

The lay-out of the software can be completely adapted as desired.

  • At a glance you can see which light are on inside and outside your house
  • Get an overview of the current temperature and settings of the thermostats in every room
  • Control window shutters and blinds
  • Activate an atmosphere and enjoy the result immediately
  • Check the cameras
  • Use the handy extras that come with the software

Create windows and add the buttons. Every button can be personalized and even set up to display the status. Organize the buttons according to your own likes thus grouping functionalities.

For instance:

  • All functions of a location: kitchen, living room, study room…
  • All thermostats: view the temperature in all rooms at a glance
  • All dimmers: notice immediately which lights are still on
  • Or any other combination that suits your needs!

Control of each component is done via a simple click or touch on the touch screen. The controlof other windows is also only one click away.

Personalize it with a nice desktop and place all extremely handy buttons on it. Choose a nice picture, image, or use a floor-plan or picture of your living room and organize all functions of that room on it, why not?