Qbus domotica

CTD controllers of Qbus


Home center can connect to Qbus home automation (CTD controllers) through the USB or Ethernet interface.

We advice to use the USB interface. This is the most reliable option to get full feedback from the bus. For instance when a switch is activated in the house.

Qbus has issued an activation fee of 75,00 euro to enable the events on the CTD controller. This has to be paid to Qbus. These events are necessary to get feedback from the output of the home automation system in Home center.

CTL controllers of Qbus (previous generation)


The communication from Home center with Qbus domotica bus is done through the serial interface SER02. The SER01 and ETH02 are not supported.

Only SER02 is supported (serial no. greater then 970250)
The required version of the Qbus controller is v9.32!

The SER02 connects to the PC through a serial interface. Most PC’s today don’t have a serial interface. This is resolved with the USB to serial convertor, available in the Qbus catalog.