VMBHIS update (v2.6 and below)

Update procedure for Home center version lower then v2.6

Do the following steps to get the latest version of Home center on the VMBHIS:

  • Open the web page of the VMBHIS.
    If you don’t know it, the you can get on it like this:
  1. Windows 7 of 8: Open the Windows explorer.
  2. Select ‘Network’ on the left side.
  3. A entry Home center Server interface will appear with Home automation section. Double click it.


  1. Download the HC Discovery tool for Windows and execute it.
  2. This will locate the Home center server . The IP address will appear on the left side.
  3. Click ‘Open web page’.
vmbhis update v2.6 and below
  • Click the icon next to Update software.
  • Wait until the page is fully reloaded.
  • When the update is complete, the page will be reloaded. A green arrow should be visible on the top of the page, next to ‘Home center service’.
  • Verify the version by clicking the icon next to License info: it should be v2.6.0.0.

Windows clients

  • Download the windows Home center client setup and install on each PC in your home network.