Home center v2.2

Home center v2.2 is available!

Home centerIf you have a license of Home center that is more then one year old, then you need to renew your license to use the latest version of Home center.
Price 124,95 euro (VAT incl.)

With the launch of Home center v2.2 we continue our special action for our current customers:
License renewal + upgrade for iPhone and iPad. Price 124,95 euro + 99,95 euro 199,95 euro (VAT incl.)


From this version you must login to Home center with a user name and password. This is to improve security for remote connections. User name and password can be stored, so you don’t need to fill them in each time.
These user names are installed by default:
User name: admin            Password: admin
User name: homecenter   Password: homecenter
The admin user has full control in Home center, like in previous version.
The homecenter user is only allowed to operate buttons.

We advice you to change the default users. This can be done with the HCAdmin application, available in the Start menu of Windows after the installation.


To configure the bus with VelbusLink via Home center (pass through function) VelbusLink 8.4.6 is required!
And visa versa: if you have an older version of Home center, the pass through function will not work any more from VelbusLink 8.4.6

Other improvements

Also the following improvements were made

  • If the connection with Home center server was broken and you altered the zones, the changes weren’t stored
  • Sometimes a background image of a previous zone sticked to screen when opening another zone
  • Automatic detection of the port of Home center server
  • When doing an auto-create of the zones (magic wand at Manage zones) no more empty zones are created. For instance when there are no thermostats there will be no zone for thermostats
  • Full reset: throws the entire configuration away (careful with that), Read changes: only reads modifications in the bus, doesn’t throw anything away
  • Internal changes to improve stability

Make sure to upgrade all Home center clients installed in your network to the new version.

Customers will have received a download link. If you purchased Home center and you didn’t receive a download link. Please contact us!

Home center v2.2 supports the following home automation systems:



Best regards,
Stijnen Solutions team