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With this version, all modbus components are now displayed correctly on iPhone/iPad


The ‘Clean up old component’ function now also removes the old type ‘Macro’ that were used in the early versions of Home center


In the logic module you can now indicate for each rule ‘Run each time’: this allows to the rule to be triggered each time the condition is ‘TRUE’ or only if it was ‘FALSE’ last time.

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  • On password loss, you can now reset your own password by using the ‘Forgot password’ link. Important: this will only work if the email settings are configured with a valid email account
  • Configure your email settings: you can now receive an automatic mail when your cloud is about to expire

Bug fix


Some minor improvements have been made in the web settings.

Home center

Energy management

This is the first version where Home center can read Modbus information. This Modbus information can be visualized and you can build logic functions with it. The focus on Energy monitoring and management.

Supported Modbus interfaces

We aim to add more in the near future and make the option possible for you to program your own Modbus interfaces.



Luxom DS03LX trigger no shift addresses in PlusConfig

For Luxom DS03LX modules, now, all 4 trigger (no shift) addresses are made available in Home center. Up to now, only the 1st trigger address was read for the inputs.

Some internal improvements for reading changes from Luxom modules

We strongly advice to execute READ CHANGES for Luxom after installing this version ! If you defined additional triggers, they will now be available to add on your zones and to build logic functions.

Connections through smart phone

Home center QR codes to set up connection in mobile apps

Improvements and clear distinction in QR code connection screen between the different possible connections:

  • Apple vs Android
  • Cloud vs DDNS vs Local address

You can use these to add multiple instances to your Home screen on your mobile phone. This is both possible Android as for iPhone.

Video on how to add Home center to your Home screen

Log in on Android

Improved auto-login for Android app and web browser: although you can store your password, the App or browser did ask you to re-enter your password every now and then. Wit this version this should be less frequently asked.

Network stability

Better recovery of system when an unexpected network reset happens

Home center


  • Better icons for Email, SMS an IR command that you directly operate through Home center
Global Caché

Bug fix

  • On Chrome and Safari toggles that are ‘ON’ where not displayed correctly in some rare occasions


NEW: Let Home center send you Telegram messages!

Attach camera image, custom texts and mark up to the instant Telegram messages

Sent the messages to a group (for example, your household)

More details on how to make the required Token and Chat ID will be published soon!

Home center




Improvements for the DALI module VMBDALI

Windows client

  • When restoring a backup you can now choose to keep the current users and not to overwrite them with the users of the back up file.
  • Internal improvements to make virus scanners give less warnings (false positives).

2N intercom

  • Improvements to connection with 2N (better compatibility since updates)
  • Management of connected devices in the web settings

Web interface settings

Many settings screens have received improvements to make them more user friendly:

Zone manager & Zone editor

  • List of type of devices to choose from now only shows what you have configured (it is no longer cluttered with devices you don’t have)
  • Some reported bugs have been fixed

Cameras & Access units:

  • better information about the number of cameras that are available through your license.
  • Adding and removing devices: better UI

General improvements

  • Full reset & auto-create zones didn’t work in certain situations
  • When restarting home center service and you go directly to the Home page: the empty buttons will be filled as soon as the statuses are all read by home center (the buttons remained grey when you were to fast)
  • Many internal improvements to have better stability when many systems are linked to Home center
    • For example:
      • Music devices (Sonos, Roberts, Harman, JBL, Marshall speakers)
      • and 2N Intercom devices
      • and IR Global caché
      • and Air-conditioning (through HMS Intesis: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba)
    • This includes a ‘self-restart’ system when Home center ‘stops working’ after a few weeks or months

Home center

New features



Home center

Support for the VMBDALI module: now connect any DALI® drivers to Home center and Velbus!

See all supported Velbus modules


In the Android app / Web app buttons can now have different colors as well!

These colors can now also be set in the Zone editor in the web interface.

Many improvements have been made to the Zone manager and Zone editor


Add values from the devices as variables in your SMS and Mail (body and text)

Important note:

  • SMS: new Clickatell implementations are not working due to an API change by Clickatell. This will be resolved in the next version
  • For email settings: some customers noticed it is no longer possible to send emails via Telenet (Belgium). Our advice is to use the GMAIL App-passwords as explained in the Email guide that you find in the manuals and downloads on the module!


On connection loss due to bad network, and eventual recovery after some longer time (minutes or hours) statuses were not updated in Home center, now they are updated automatically.


  • Stability for the connection with 2N intercoms
  • Stability for connection with Air-conditioning modules
  • General stability improvements
  • Faster startup with many connected devices