Presence simulator

As of version, Home center offers you an automated presence simulator!

How does it work?

From the moment this version is active on your Home center interface server, the system starts learning when you turn on and off the lights, open and close shades. As from the next day you can ‘replay’ your day, with the lights and shades of your choice. You can replay up to the last 30 days!

  • A very simple and effective solutions!
  • No need to do any program!
  • You already left the house and forgot to turn on the simulator? No problem, log in via the Cloud or DDNS and activate it with a few clicks!
  • Want to switch which lights go on and off?┬áNo problem, log in and modify the lights that are active in the simulator!

How to use it?


  1. Make sure to update to version
  2. An SD card must be entered within the SD card slot

Ok, what’s next?

  1. As from the next day, you can activate the simulation
  2. Log in via the web browser, go to the settings / Simulation
  3. Choose the lights and shades that need to be simulated, indicate the number of days and click activate
  4. Update & Reload configuration: now the simulation is active!