The bridge between

your Home automation system and

your Airconditioning

What can you do?

  • Read & adjust temperature
  • Control heating or cooling
  • Turn ON and OFF
  • Monitor the air-conditioner usage

From where?

  • Via the physical buttons on your wall
  • In the Home center app, where ever you are
  • Even automate the operation of the Airco with logical functions



Install the Air-condition bridge of your brand on your Airco and upgrade to Home center 4.2+

Home center auto-detects the bridge and makes it available in Home center.

What brands of Airco?

Soon to be added as well:

What if the brand of my Airco is not supported?

Universal IR Air Conditioner to Home Center Interface

Operate via Infra red.

Hardware provided by Intesis – HMS networks

Available from Home center