HIS v2 DIN rail module replaces VMBHIS

The VMBHIS module (sheeva plug hardware) is replaced with a new DIN-rail module HIS v2.

This is an overview of the most important similarities and differences.

HIS v2



New as from 2019
Software updates &
new features
via License renewal
Receive support in the future *
Connect Velbuslink to BUS
via this module
DIN-rail module
Feedback LEDS
Type of SD card for Monitoring
Mini SD card

SD card
Multi-functional RESET button
VMBRSUSB required (Velbus)**
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Full / LiteFull
Price (Full) ***
578 euro HIS v2
578 euro VMBHIS
+ 100 euro VMBRSUSB
Price (Lite) ***To be
* We continue to give support for the existing VMBHIS modules!

** The new DIN-rail module is directly connected to the bus (Velbus).

*** Prices VAT excl.