Discovery tool

Home center Discovery

Download: Discovery tool

Auto discovery tool for Home center server or VMBHIS in your network.

As from Windows 7 or later, the VMBHIS is detected automatically in your network through UPNP. However, previous version of Windows do not recognize this by default.

If you have an older version of Windows, then this tools comes in handy. At startup it auto-detects the Home center server (VMBHIS) in your network.

You can select the Home center server and immediately load the web interface of the VMBHIS.


Home center client

This is the software to operate and configure Home center (Windows).

Newest version

As from 2017 we stopped providing the downloads of the clients since now the correct client will automatically download and install on your PC.


The software in the correct version is directly downloadable from your VMBHIS module from the settings page.

Please note: To use the Home center client you need a running Home center server (VMBHIS or the old system setup: Home center server on your pc with a license).
Please always install the client with the same version as your Home center server.

Home center (May 18th 2016)
Home center client (July 4th 2015)
Home center client (May 13th 2015)
Home center client v2.7.2.2 (Dec 15th 2014)
Home center client v2.7.1.13 (Sept 17th 2014)
Home center client (Sept 4th 2014)
Home center client v2.7.1.2 (June 25th 2014)
Home center client v2.6.1.4 (Jan 20th 2014)
Home center client v2.6.0.2 (Dec 2th 2013)
Home center client v2.6 (Oct 28th 2013)
Home center client v2.5.0.2 (Apr 19th 2013)
Home center client v2.4.0.6 (Sept 24th 2012)
Home center client v2.3.0.1 (June 6th 2012)
Home center client v2.2.0.5 (Jan 16th 2012)