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Infrared capabilities: Integration with IR devices of Global Caché

Operate ventilation, shades, air-conditioner, decoder, TV, amplifier, … any device that is NOT connected to your home automation… with Home center!

Home center integration

Add the infra-red commands via the Global Caché tool into Home center. Build logic functions to send the IR commands, through buttons on your wall, buttons within Home center


  • Send ‘OFF’ via Infra-red to all devices (TV tuner, decoder, amplifier) when using the ‘ALL OFF’ button
  • Combine turning on the TV Tuner, decoder and Amp with the macro or mood ‘WATCH TV’ you create with your Home automation with the same button
  • Turn the TV decoder ON or OFF, operate the volume with buttons on the wall

Add an unlimited amount of IR codes in Home center.

No license upgrade is required, this functionality is part of



It must be possible to operate the device with an Infra-red remote control

Attention: this is not a RF (Radio Frequency) connection.

Required hardware

Find the necessary hardware in the Home center webshop

And check for the appropriate emitter and blaster cables to connect.

Alternative solution for Air-conditioning

For operating air-conditioning, our advice is to check if there is a suitable Intesis module for your Air-conditioner instead. This, to have full integration, including feedback and building logic functions based on the feedback.

Documentation & full step by step online training

Via Advanced training course