Home center v2.5.0.2

Home centerHome center v2.5.0.2 is available.

This is an important new version if you have the VMBHIS. From this version you can operate Velbus through the mobile interface. Designed for smartphones and tablets with Android. More information.

Here you will find detailed information how to upgrade your VMBHIS.

If you are running the Home center server on your own PC or touchscreen (no VMBHIS) the mobile interface is not available.
It is possible to migrate your license to a VMBHIS. Contact us, we can make you a personal offer.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • VMB2BE2 module wasn’t detected when scanning the bus.
  • Some macro’s weren’t detected when scanning the bus.
  • After closing a settings windows, sometimes the operating buttons were white.
  • Things could go wrong when changing the order of the zones: background images disappeared.
  • Improved auto-login (especially when the server got a different IP address).
  • No auto-lgin when opening the login windown manually


  • VMBHIS: mobile interface is available
  • New Velbus modules are supported:
    • VMB7IN
    • VMBGP2
    • VMBGP4
    • VMBGPO_ modules
  • Visualisation of energy usage (VMB7IN).
  • On the iPad, the custom colors of icons are also visible. Just like on the Windows interface (make sure you have the latest version of Home center for iPhone/iPad from the App Store).
  • Camera’s: you can set the close timer for a camera. This is the time a camera stream remains on screen. When the time has past, the camera stream wil be closed.


  • Make sure you get the latest version of VelbusLink to configure the bus through Home center! (pass through function)
  • Make sure to update all Home center clients installed in your network to the new version.
  • Check the App Store to see if you have the latest version of the Home center App.


Do you have a license of Home center that is more then one year old, then you need to renew your license to use the latest version of Home center.
Price 124,95 euro (VAT incl.)

Do you want to migrate from a regular license to the VMBHIS? Contact us so we can make you a personal offer.

Enjoy the new version!