Software updates

Home center

This version creates bad back up files. please update to!

Breaking change!

In this version scaling issues in the different clients were resolved!
If you made special modifications to a zone to tweak the scaling on a iPad or Android, you may need to correct the location of the buttons!

iPad app

  • For the iPad app: there was a scaling issue, so the buttons weren’t on exactly the same location as in de Android app and Windows app. This is resolved.

Android app / webbrowser

  • Scaling of screen: now always fits to the center of your window, vertically and horizontally
  • In the configuration, to better reflect there actual function:
    • Update button is now called Save
    • Reload configuration is now called Apply changes
When you hover over the buttons with the mouse their function is explained

Windows app

  • Scalling issue solved when setting a background with a different ratio then 4:3
  • Improved logging information in the about, and in the right bottom corner
  • Small UI improvements

General improvements

  • For Luxom the IP address of the DS65L is shown.
  • HISv2: An occasion crash could occur so the Home center was no longer running on the module (it was caused by network changes which messes with the operation system)
  • The manuals on the module are updated
  • When Home center restarts, now a correct ‘up time’ is shown on the status page
  • The Time sync page (for putting the time on the bus – Velbus only) is more intuitive
  • Removing Old Components sometimes did not work (in a situation where a SD card is plugged in for logging and the simulator)
  • The Presence SIMULATOR can be activated and deactivated via the Logic module!
  • The logging info by the Logic module should be more readable and more info is added to help better build the rules.
  • In the logic module: the number of available rules and number of used rules is shown.


  • Better stability for 2N intercoms (connection could get lost after aprox. 30 days)


  • Sometimes messages for OLED screens weren’t shown
  • Set time to bus page layout is more intuitive

Closing note

This intermediate version holds some smaller improvements. We publish this version before releasing the next major new features we have been working on the last few months

Home center /

Presence simulator

The simulator can now be added as a TOGGLE button on a zone. This way it can be activated or deactivated very easily . It is no longer necessary to go into the settings via the browser.

Other improvements

  • An auto-update feature was added in the settings / advanced. This will allow you to let your Home center module update automatically when a new version comes available!
  • Camera’s can now only be added via the web interface: this is a next step we take to move all configuration to the web, which is much more accessible than the Windows client (requires a Windows PC)
  • The Windows client about box now shows the same information as the Status page through the web browser.

Problem solving

  • Sending SMS via CM Gateway didn’t work anymore because of changes made by CM Gateway
  • Deactivating the presence simulator sometimes didn’t work
  • Music: also send music text to displays when start playing music
  • Activating DDNS didn’t work anymore
  • more stable restore of a backup
  • stability improvements for web interface (after a few weeks, connection was sometimes not possible without restarting the module)
  • Sometimes logic functions didn’t work properly because there where multiple spaces in the function… very weird indeed

Velbus modules

New supported modules:


  • VMB4AN module changes weren’t properly recorded by Home center
    Note: an issue with a positive offset still exists in This will be solved in the next version.
  • VMBMETEO: Rain information was not updated in the Windows client

See also: Velbus supported modules

*If you have this issue, execute Read Changes to solve it*


  • Operating dimmers didn’t work as expected in some cases

Home center

This version mainly contains some internal improvements to align the VMBHIS software with the HISv2 software

  • Cloud access was not working on HISv2
  • The update button on multiple pages on the HISv2 didn’t work properly
  • There are some internal preparations for future new features