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Home center

Support for the VMBDALI module: now connect any DALI® drivers to Home center and Velbus!

See all supported Velbus modules


In the Android app / Web app buttons can now have different colors as well!

These colors can now also be set in the Zone editor in the web interface.

Many improvements have been made to the Zone manager and Zone editor


Add values from the devices as variables in your SMS and Mail (body and text)

Important note:

  • SMS: new Clickatell implementations are not working due to an API change by Clickatell. This will be resolved in the next version
  • For email settings: some customers noticed it is no longer possible to send emails via Telenet (Belgium). Our advice is to use the GMAIL App-passwords as explained in the Email guide that you find in the manuals and downloads on the module!


On connection loss due to bad network, and eventual recovery after some longer time (minutes or hours) statuses were not updated in Home center, now they are updated automatically.


  • Stability for the connection with 2N intercoms
  • Stability for connection with Air-conditioning modules
  • General stability improvements
  • Faster startup with many connected devices

Home center

New features

Edit zones in browser

Zone manager and editor are now available in the web browser. It is no longer necessary to install the Windows client to update and manage the zones.

Use the Zone Manager to:

  • Create and name the zones
  • Set background image and icon
  • Define the scaling of the buttons
  • Auto generate zones
  • Not yet available in version import Trikker file.
  • Remember to Click Save when you leave the screen

Use the Zone Editor to add and organize buttons on all the zones at once:

  • Select the zone to edit on the bar at the bottom, click the button MORE to go to zones that are not visible by default (1)
  • Add buttons by right clicking the area to open the button selector (2)
  • Drag buttons to the desired place (left mouse button)
  • Right click an item to pop up the menu to adjust the items display (3)
  • Remove buttons via the right click on a button
  • Click Save to save changes intermediately
  • When done, click Save and click Apply Changes when you are done

Your feedback matters!
Since this is a new way of working, we would like to hear your feedback on how you experience this new way of managing zones!

New Velbus modules

This version now supports the new Velbus modules:


And the new version of existing Velbus modules:


  • Improved stability of connections to Home center server
  • Improved stability of the Home center server itself (in some occasions it must be restarted after 2 weeks, or a month)
  • Windows setup, for the Home center Windows client, now works again for Windows XP and Windows 2009 touch panels
  • In some situations the buttons were not on the correct place on the screen in the Android app and through the Web browser