Home center

Home center has arrived!

New for VMBHIS

VMBHIS Rename outputs vmbhis_login

  • Renaming outputs is now possible!
  • Sonos is now also available in the mobile interface
  • Login screen cleaned up :)
  • Settings screens cleaned up
  • Better feedback on settings screen

Improvements for Home center server on Windows

  • Sometimes the communication between Sonos devices and Home center is blocked by a firewall: rules are added automatically to the firewall to allow communication


  • Background images were not shown on the mobile interface (VMBHIS)
  • More stable connection with VelbusLink (VMBHIS)
  • More stable connection with iPad (VMBHIS)
  • Error when importing file from Trikker (VMBHIS + HC Server on Windows)
  • When restoring a backup, problems were possible with logging in (VMBHIS + HC Server on Windows)
  • hcAdmin tool: adding new users was not possible (HC server on Windows)


  • Smaller logfiles
  • Internal improvements