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Presence simulator

The simulator can now be added as a TOGGLE button on a zone. This way it can be activated or deactivated very easily . It is no longer necessary to go into the settings via the browser.

Other improvements

  • An auto-update feature was added in the settings / advanced. This will allow you to let your Home center module update automatically when a new version comes available!
  • Camera’s can now only be added via the web interface: this is a next step we take to move all configuration to the web, which is much more accessible than the Windows client (requires a Windows PC)
  • The Windows client about box now shows the same information as the Status page through the web browser.

Problem solving

  • Sending SMS via CM Gateway didn’t work anymore because of changes made by CM Gateway
  • Deactivating the presence simulator sometimes didn’t work
  • Music: also send music text to displays when start playing music
  • Activating DDNS didn’t work anymore
  • more stable restore of a backup
  • stability improvements for web interface (after a few weeks, connection was sometimes not possible without restarting the module)
  • Sometimes logic functions didn’t work properly because there where multiple spaces in the function… very weird indeed

Velbus modules

New supported modules:


  • VMB4AN module changes weren’t properly recorded by Home center
    Note: an issue with a positive offset still exists in This will be solved in the next version.
  • VMBMETEO: Rain information was not updated in the Windows client

See also: Velbus supported modules

*If you have this issue, execute Read Changes to solve it*


  • Operating dimmers didn’t work as expected in some cases