Home center 3.0

Finally, the newest Home center is deployed!

What’s new?

  • Monitoring of the home automation system. View the results in graphics and statistics.
  • Camera integration
    • Supported camera systems:
      • 2N camera
      • AVTech camera
      • Videology (existing setup)
    • Available in all clients: Windows, iOs App, Web (Android) interface
    • Trigger an Email with an snapshot of the camera2n verso
  • Web settings: view the connected devices: Home automation system, Sonos, IR, Camera’s, connected Home center clients
  • Beta version of clean up components (make sure to make a back up first before executing)


  • Velbus_logo_500pxNew Velbus modules are now supported: VMBPIRO, VMBPIRC, VMBPIRM, VMBGP4PIR, VMB1BLS, VMB1RYNO, VMBDMI-R
    Execute read changes to make them available in ‘Manage zones’ in the Windows client!Motion & light sensors
  • Improved feedback from thermostats


  • Web settings: menu reordered
  • Web: improved scaling of components
  • User management: duplicate user names are no longer allowed
  • Web settings: option to push PC time to Home center interface server
  • Web settings: new option to also backup the system settings of the Home center interface server
  • Web settings: page to manage network settings available in menu
  • Improved stability of the connection to Sonos devices
  • Triggering of rules: we avoid triggering the rules too often. For example: e-mailing of the energy production of solar panels
  • Faster startup

Bug fixes

  • SMS for both CM and Clickatell are fixed


  • luxomImproved connection stability
  • Operating shades improved
  • Improved usage of inputs

!Breaking change!

  • None, upgrading goes smoothly!

Home center

A new update of Home center is available!

New in this version



email smsTrigger Email and SMS when an alarm is activated,  each time the solar panels have generated a 1kWh, …

new-iconInfraredInfrared capabilities: Integration with IR devices of Global Caché
Operate ventilation, shades, air-conditioner, decoder, TV, amplifier, … devices NOT connected to your home automation… with your home automation!

new-iconvmbgpodAutomated custom messages on Velbus OLED glass panels: Sonos and custom messages

Improvements and bug fixes

  • In the windows client, you can make a full copy of a zone in ‘Manage zones’
  • When doing ‘read changes’, ‘full reset’ and at initial setup, a progress on the scanning of the bus is shown on screen (web and Windows Client)
  • Web interface: Status of shades was neither up or down
  • Logic module: when a rule triggers an input, now the ‘press’ and ‘release’ is send, before only the ‘press’ was send
  • Velbus: the thermostat of the VMBGPOD is now always added from the bus (Execute ‘read changes’ if you are missing a VMBGPOD thermostat)
  • Music Sonos: when switching between radio and playlists, some text of the previous action was still shown
  • In some cases the server status remained ‘not ready…’ when it actually was done. (When executing ‘read changes’ twice)
  • Possible connection lose when creating and editing zones with ‘Manage zones’


Updating your VMBHIS

If you have v2.7.1.2 or later, a notification will be visible on the login page about the new version.
Go to the Settings on the VMBBHIS web interface and execute the ‘Update software’.

For non-VMBHIS users

All updates, except the specific updates of the web interface (only available on VMBHIS), are also available. The download of the setup including the Home center server is on the special download page. In case you don’t have this link, send us an e-mail, then we will send you the link.

Batibouw 2015

Home center is featured at the Velbus booth at Batibouw in Brussels expo

Home center in VTM nieuws


Home center demo

exclusively at the

Brussels Expo

Batibouw 2015

Velbus booth – Hall 9 booth 208




new-iconemail sms

Trigger Email and SMS enabled home automation
when an alarm is activated,  each time the solar panels have generated a 1kWh, …

new-iconInfraredGlobal Caché

Infrared capabilities: Integration with IR devices of Global Caché
Operate ventilation, shades, air-conditioner, decoder, TV, amplifier, … with Velbus.


Automated custom messages on Velbus OLED glass panels
Sonos and custom messages


Sonos integration in Velbus

And much more…


Home center

This version contains some bug fixes since v2.7.1.1 v2.7.1.2 and v2.7.1.8

This version improves the stability of the connections with VMBTP8 and Home center server installed on Windows:

  • Unable to reconnect
  • Hanging HomeCenter.exe process.


  • Improved stability for connections to SONOS players: in some cases no Home center client could connect to the VMBHIS. The VMBHIS had to be restarted.
  • The initial state of outputs could be wrong when opening the web app
  • Rename outputs: you can sort the list again.
  • Rules: better naming of values

We are expecting to have a bug fix version for iPhone and iPad soon available in the App Store.

Logic interface list

Home center

Finally the new version of Home center has arrived with many new features and improvements!

New Logic interface (VMBHIS only)

Logic interfaceA new interface is now available in the VMBHIS to create your own logic actions. You can create extra macro functions, extend existing macro functions and create your own logic functions. This all happens outside the programmation in the Velbus modules. Also you can work cross interface: for instance also turn off all your Sonos devices with your ‘Turn all off’ button at the front door. Read more.


Sonos connectBetter detection of Sonos devices in the network: when a Sonos is shutdown and later turned back on, the Sonos device will also be immediately ready to be operated in Home center. Sonos Bridge is no longer added to list. Improved stability.


VelbusVelbus input modules can now also be added to the Home center interface.

Newly supported Velbus module VMBGPOD (Soon available). Support for the VMB7IN new firmware.

Faster communication between VelbusLink and Velbus modules through Home center.

How to start using the input modules in Home center?

After performing the update (also Windows Home center client), execute ‘Read changes’ on the Windows Home center client. When editing the zones, the input modules will now be available.

Web interface

Future releases will be automatically displayed on login page with the status of your license. Improvements for displaying the background images. Some bugfixes.

 IPhone / iPad

iPhone iPad appMake sure you install the latest version of the Home center app on your iOS device (v1.8.2 released June 23th 2014) . This update contains a bugfix to resolves some issues if you have a large set of components available (relevant because now inputs are added too).

How to update your VMBHIS

Log on to your VMBHIS web interface. Check if your license for updates hasn’t expired (VMBHIS > Settings > License info). Make sure the VMBHIS has access to the internet through your home network.

Update softwareOn the settings page, click ‘Update software’.  This will start the first update procedure. Wait a few minutes, then click ‘Update software’ again. This will complete the second step. After a few minutes the version of your VMBHIS will be

Home centerMake sure to install the new Windows Home center client on your PC and Windows Touch screens. The download link is on the Settings page of the VMBHIS.


Has your license expired (default this is after one year) then you need to renew your license to use the latest version of Home center. Price 124,95 euro (VAT incl.). Please contact us. Do you want to migrate from a regular license to the VMBHIS? Contact us so we can make you a personal offer.

Customers with a license for Home center server on Windows, if you haven’t received a download link, please send us a mail so will can provide you the download link.


Get the latest VelbusLink to configure the bus through Home center! (pass through function).

Update all Windows Home center clients installed in your network to the new version. Connections from older clients will be dropped and will show an error on screen!

Update the Home center app for iPhone/iPad.   Have fun!

Batibouw 2014

Home center software will be featured on the Velbus booth at Batibouw.

New features will be demonstrated live on the booth, including Sonos, iPad, Android interfaces.


Operate Sonos with Velbus glass panels

Sonos on velbus

sDock Pro


Check out the special promo for sDock  pro.