Home center v2.4.0.7

Home center v2.4.0.7 is available.

This intermediate release contains some bug fixes and minor improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Velbus modules: the name of macro’s wasn’t displayed correctly: extra spaces where present in the name.
    Execute “Read changes” to resolve this.
  • Velbus modules: when there are multiple modules of the type VMB4RYLD or VMB4RYNO, reading the bus didn’t find all the modules.
    Execute “Read changes” to resolve the missing modules.
  • VMBHIS: at first start up: the question to create an auto-config kept coming up even after saying NO.
  • iPhone app: empty outs on the iPhone caused by special characters that weren’t sent correctly to the iPhone.


  • The login has been improved.
  • The auto-login didn’t work well if your PC gets an IP address through a DHCP server.
  • The vertical dimmer now also shows the % value
  • Opening the camera module has been improved


  • Make sure you get the latest version of VelbusLink to configure the bus through Home center! (pass through function)
  • Make sure to update all Home center clients installed in your network to the new version.
  • Check the App Store to see if you have the latest version of the Home center App.


updateDo you have a license of Home center that is more then one year old, then you need to renew your license to use the latest version of Home center.
Price 124,95 euro (VAT incl.)

Customers will have received a download link. If you purchased Home center and you didn’t receive a download link. Please contact us!


Best regards,
Stijnen Solutions team