Home center

Home centerWe released a new update for Home center, which contains the following improvements:


  • Time sync page was unavailable
  • Dynamic DNS no-ip didn’t work
  • On the iPad the images were not always loaded (happened with large images and slow connection)
  • When performing a read change and something goes wrong during the reading of a module, sometimes the names in Home center disappeared
  • VMB7IN Energy values weren’t available at Home center service start up
  • VMB2BLE shades status weren’t correct at Home center service start up
  • When scrolling the web interface on a phone with inputs, an input could be triggered by accident while scrolling.


  • Support for the new Velbus module VMB1RYNOS was added.
  • Some configuration from the Home center Windows has also been added to the web interface. We added a configuration page where you can execute: ‘Create backup’, ‘Restore backup’, ‘Read changes’ and ‘Full reset’.
  • ‘Rename outputs’, ‘Logic functions (rules)’, ‘User management’ no longer require a ‘restart service’, but only need a ‘reload config’. This makes that the changes are in effect after just a few seconds and clients no longer lose their connection.

Updating your VMBHIS

If you have v2.7.1.2 or later, a notification will be visible on the login page about the new version.
Go to the Settings on the VMBBHIS web interface and execute the ‘Update software’.

For non-VMBHIS users

All updates, except the specific updates of the web interface (only available on VMBHIS), are also available. The download of the setup including the Home center server is on the special download page. In case you don’t have this link, send us an e-mail, then we will send you the link.