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Energy management

This is the first version where Home center can read Modbus information. This Modbus information can be visualized and you can build logic functions with it. The focus on Energy monitoring and management.

Supported Modbus interfaces

We aim to add more in the near future and make the option possible for you to program your own Modbus interfaces.



Luxom DS03LX trigger no shift addresses in PlusConfig

For Luxom DS03LX modules, now, all 4 trigger (no shift) addresses are made available in Home center. Up to now, only the 1st trigger address was read for the inputs.

Some internal improvements for reading changes from Luxom modules

We strongly advice to execute READ CHANGES for Luxom after installing this version ! If you defined additional triggers, they will now be available to add on your zones and to build logic functions.

Connections through smart phone

Home center QR codes to set up connection in mobile apps

Improvements and clear distinction in QR code connection screen between the different possible connections:

  • Apple vs Android
  • Cloud vs DDNS vs Local address

You can use these to add multiple instances to your Home screen on your mobile phone. This is both possible Android as for iPhone.

Video on how to add Home center to your Home screen

Log in on Android

Improved auto-login for Android app and web browser: although you can store your password, the App or browser did ask you to re-enter your password every now and then. Wit this version this should be less frequently asked.

Network stability

Better recovery of system when an unexpected network reset happens

Home center

New features



Home center

Support for the VMBDALI module: now connect any DALI® drivers to Home center and Velbus!

See all supported Velbus modules


In the Android app / Web app buttons can now have different colors as well!

These colors can now also be set in the Zone editor in the web interface.

Many improvements have been made to the Zone manager and Zone editor


Add values from the devices as variables in your SMS and Mail (body and text)

Important note:

  • SMS: new Clickatell implementations are not working due to an API change by Clickatell. This will be resolved in the next version
  • For email settings: some customers noticed it is no longer possible to send emails via Telenet (Belgium). Our advice is to use the GMAIL App-passwords as explained in the Email guide that you find in the manuals and downloads on the module!


On connection loss due to bad network, and eventual recovery after some longer time (minutes or hours) statuses were not updated in Home center, now they are updated automatically.


  • Stability for the connection with 2N intercoms
  • Stability for connection with Air-conditioning modules
  • General stability improvements
  • Faster startup with many connected devices

Home center

This version creates bad back up files. please update to!

Breaking change!

In this version scaling issues in the different clients were resolved!
If you made special modifications to a zone to tweak the scaling on a iPad or Android, you may need to correct the location of the buttons!

iPad app

  • For the iPad app: there was a scaling issue, so the buttons weren’t on exactly the same location as in de Android app and Windows app. This is resolved.

Android app / webbrowser

  • Scaling of screen: now always fits to the center of your window, vertically and horizontally
  • In the configuration, to better reflect there actual function:
    • Update button is now called Save
    • Reload configuration is now called Apply changes
When you hover over the buttons with the mouse their function is explained

Windows app

  • Scalling issue solved when setting a background with a different ratio then 4:3
  • Improved logging information in the about, and in the right bottom corner
  • Small UI improvements

General improvements

  • For Luxom the IP address of the DS65L is shown.
  • HISv2: An occasion crash could occur so the Home center was no longer running on the module (it was caused by network changes which messes with the operation system)
  • The manuals on the module are updated
  • When Home center restarts, now a correct ‘up time’ is shown on the status page
  • The Time sync page (for putting the time on the bus – Velbus only) is more intuitive
  • Removing Old Components sometimes did not work (in a situation where a SD card is plugged in for logging and the simulator)
  • The Presence SIMULATOR can be activated and deactivated via the Logic module!
  • The logging info by the Logic module should be more readable and more info is added to help better build the rules.
  • In the logic module: the number of available rules and number of used rules is shown.


  • Better stability for 2N intercoms (connection could get lost after aprox. 30 days)


  • Sometimes messages for OLED screens weren’t shown
  • Set time to bus page layout is more intuitive

Closing note

This intermediate version holds some smaller improvements. We publish this version before releasing the next major new features we have been working on the last few months

Home center

This brand new version brings some new features and some improvements!


  • We added support for the VMB4AN: you can view the current values (*)
  • The time sync (NTP) to the bus often didn’t work. This is now solved in this version.

Visualization via the logging will be added in a future version.


New: Frontier silicon

A total new range of music players supported! Music devices based on the Frontier Silicon chipset can now be operated from within Home center the same way Sonos is operated. This means you can stop / start the player, navigate through the current playlist, set volume, control the mute and integrate them in your Home automation system via the logic, so you can operate them through the buttons in your house and add them for example to the all off operation.

Manage music interfaces

You can now rename and remove unwanted music devices via the settings in the web interface.

2N Access unit

Now also the 2N access units are supported. The available buttons are available as toggles and inputs to operate or to use in the logic interface. They are detected automatically at startup and user name and password can be managed in the settings in the web interface.


  • Reversed the order of the regimes, so they are in the same order as in PlusConfig.
  • Bugfix: when scanning different MIN ranges, thermostats and dimmers from previously scanned ranges couldn’t be operated anymore
  • When a Sonos was in the network before the Luxom DS88L was available, Home center didn’t connect automatically to the Luxom home automation system.


  • Logging is now available in the Windows client via the About box.
  • The Windows client will now look for the home center server in all network interface (in case you have virtual networks active)
  • Improved start up of Home center server (previously could take up to 30 sec.)


  • When adding new components to a zone, in some cases you couldn’t operate them immediately.

!Breaking change!

  • None, upgrading goes smoothly!

Home center 3.0

Finally, the newest Home center is deployed!

What’s new?

  • Monitoring of the home automation system. View the results in graphics and statistics.
  • Camera integration
    • Supported camera systems:
      • 2N camera
      • AVTech camera
      • Videology (existing setup)
    • Available in all clients: Windows, iOs App, Web (Android) interface
    • Trigger an Email with an snapshot of the camera2n verso
  • Web settings: view the connected devices: Home automation system, Sonos, IR, Camera’s, connected Home center clients
  • Beta version of clean up components (make sure to make a back up first before executing)


  • Velbus_logo_500pxNew Velbus modules are now supported: VMBPIRO, VMBPIRC, VMBPIRM, VMBGP4PIR, VMB1BLS, VMB1RYNO, VMBDMI-R
    Execute read changes to make them available in ‘Manage zones’ in the Windows client!Motion & light sensors
  • Improved feedback from thermostats


  • Web settings: menu reordered
  • Web: improved scaling of components
  • User management: duplicate user names are no longer allowed
  • Web settings: option to push PC time to Home center interface server
  • Web settings: new option to also backup the system settings of the Home center interface server
  • Web settings: page to manage network settings available in menu
  • Improved stability of the connection to Sonos devices
  • Triggering of rules: we avoid triggering the rules too often. For example: e-mailing of the energy production of solar panels
  • Faster startup

Bug fixes

  • SMS for both CM and Clickatell are fixed


  • luxomImproved connection stability
  • Operating shades improved
  • Improved usage of inputs

!Breaking change!

  • None, upgrading goes smoothly!

Home center

This update mainly contains some improvements and bugfixes.

New in this update

  • Feedback from inputs is now visible in all clients.
  • Velbus VMB7IN energy measurement now supports the liter and m³ and shows 2 decimals. Execute read changes to get the correct values!

!Breaking change!

  • Velbus momentaries are removed: please replace them manually with designated inputs!


  • Windows client: shade button now works exactly like in the iOS app and Web app: going up and down now toggles in stead of separate function for the upper half and lower half of the button. Also it’s now more clear when the shade is open or closed.
  • Velbus: Macro’s are no longer created because they are obsolete, since all inputs are available. Existing macro’s are not removed and still work.
  • Windows client: from the ‘About’ screen you can now directly download the correct version of the Windows client (this will be useful in future versions of Home center)

Bug fixes

  • Web: background color of zones was not visible
  • Web: full rebuild of settings due to modifications since Chrome 43
  • Windows client: improved login: better message when trying to log in with a wrong username and password
  • Logic: rules which contain a ‘=’ in the URL didn’t open the correct web page.
  • Logic: input values where not evaluated correctly. Short press & long press
  • Luxom: dimmers, toggles and shades where sometimes displayed as inputs in stead of their real function
  • Luxom: possible blocking of port 2300 after executing read changes has been solved
  • Minor internal improvements