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This version contains some bug fixes since v2.7.1.2 and v2.7.1.1:

  • Subaddresses of VMBGPOD could not be changed through VMBHIS.
  • Calculation of energy measurements were not always correct (VMB7IN)
  • Connection management in the VMBHIS has been improved: sometimes it was not possible to connect after some time and the VMBHIS had to be restarted.
  • Invalid characters in module names (visible in Velbuslink when reading modules) could crash Home center.
  • Some internal fine tuning

If you have v2.7.1.2, a notification should be on the login page about the new version.

Go to the Settings on the VMBBHIS web interface and execute the ‘Update software’.

This is a BUGFIX version, we made available for all users who have installed, even if your license updates have expired since was released.

For non-VMBHIS users the same things apply.
The download of the setup including the Home center server is on the same page as v2.7.1.2.
In case you don’t have this link, send us an e-mail, then we will send you the link.

Home center

Home center has arrived!

New for VMBHIS

VMBHIS Rename outputs vmbhis_login

  • Renaming outputs is now possible!
  • Sonos is now also available in the mobile interface
  • Login screen cleaned up :)
  • Settings screens cleaned up
  • Better feedback on settings screen

Improvements for Home center server on Windows

  • Sometimes the communication between Sonos devices and Home center is blocked by a firewall: rules are added automatically to the firewall to allow communication


  • Background images were not shown on the mobile interface (VMBHIS)
  • More stable connection with VelbusLink (VMBHIS)
  • More stable connection with iPad (VMBHIS)
  • Error when importing file from Trikker (VMBHIS + HC Server on Windows)
  • When restoring a backup, problems were possible with logging in (VMBHIS + HC Server on Windows)
  • hcAdmin tool: adding new users was not possible (HC server on Windows)


  • Smaller logfiles
  • Internal improvements 


Home center 2.6

Home centerHome center v2.6 is available for

  • Windows users
  • iPhone/iPad


  • sonoslogoSupport for Sonos.
    Sonos components are detected automatically in the network and made available in the Home center interface.
    Add them to your zones in the Windows Home center client via ‘Settings’ > ‘Manage zones’.
    Available in Windows Home center and in the iPhone/iPad app. (Support in the webinterface for Android will be made available in a future update)
  • vmbgptcbSupport for new Velbus modules: VMB1TSW,VMBGPTC
  • Improved security for passwords

New for Windows Home center client

  • Automatic login to Windows Home center with address name in stead of an IP address. Example: if you connect to your installation via an internet address with This address is saved on the login screen when ‘Remember login’ is checked.
  • Startup parameters for Windows Home center client:
       -s<server-ip>[:<port>] – u<user> -p<pass>
    The port is optional, if not added, the default port is used..
    This can be useful if you manage multiple Velbus installations.
    Example: Make a shortcut on the desktop with this path:
    “c:\Program Files (x86)\Home center\Homecenter.exe” -s192.168.10.151 -uadmin -padmin

Improvements exclusive for VMBHIS

  • Heating and cooling is now visible in the Android web interface.
  • Login to the web interface: The choice Phone/Table interface is stored.

ios7New for iPhone/iPad app

  • Improved layout for iOS 7.

General improvements

  • VMB4RYLD, VMBRYNO : the virtual outputs were not detected and was there for not available in Home center.
    Execute ‘Read changes’ to add them.
  • VMB7IN: the energy value was not displayed correctly for input 2, 3 en 4
  • Speed improvements for scanning the bus when VelbusLink connects over Home center to the bus.
  • After a ‘Read changes’ the current states of the outputs were not read from the bus. So it was possible that states that were shown initially were wrong.
  • The user acounts were not restored when restoring a backup.
  • Windows Home center: Possible problems when adding a zone that was created automatically to the bar on the bottom.
  • Internal improvements for speed and stability.


  • Make sure you get the latest version of VelbusLink to configure the bus through Home center! (pass through function)
  • Make sure to update all Home center clients installed in your network to the new version. Connections from older clients will be dropped and will show an error on screen!
  • The newest version of Home center client for iPhone/iPad is available In the App Store. This version supports iOS 7 and iOS 6.


Do you have a license of Home center that is more then one year old, then you need to renew your license to use the latest version of Home center.
Price 124,95 euro (VAT incl.)

Do you want to migrate from a regular license to the VMBHIS? Contact us so we can make you a personal offer.

Customers with the VMBHIS, follow the procedure described on this page.
Customers with a regular license of Home center will have received a download link. If you purchased a Home center license and you didn’t receive a download link. Please contact us!

Enjoy the new version!